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Live Scan Help for Visas and Immigration

The following information is reprinted from the California Department of Justice’s web site. For further information please visit the California Department of Justice

AMERITEK ID has assembled the easy-to-follow Department of Justice steps you need to complete your request for a Visa or Immigration. Questions? Call (888) 417-0203. We will be happy to assist you!

“California law allows you to request a record clearance from the DOJ for Visa/Immigration purposes. The following are the basic steps to complete your request for a background check. Failure to follow these procedures may result in a delay or the rejection of your application for a DOJ response under Penal Code Section 11105(c)(9). If you currently reside in California, with limited exceptions, you must submit your fingerprints electronically from a Live Scan site. If you reside outside of California, you will need to submit a manual fingerprint card or “hard card.”


Step 1

Print out a copy of the Request Form: Request Visa/Immigration – Form BCII 8016RR (Live Scan)

Step 2

Follow the instructions for completing your Request Form: Instructions for Visa/Immigration Request Form

Step 3

Determine where to be fingerprinted. Fingerprinting services are available at all of our locations: Sherman Oaks, Pasadena and South L.A.  We also offer Mobile Fingerprinting Services.

Step 4

Bring your properly filled out request form and valid photo identification to your chosen Live Scan site to capture and submit your fingerprints. Expired identification information will not be accepted.

Your total costs will be $32 plus the fingerprint rolling fee charged by the Live-Scan agency. Since the fingerprint-rolling fee varies widely among locations, you will want to review the cost along with the accepted methods of payment before going to the fingerprinting site.

Step 5

Once the submission is received and processed, the DOJ will mail the response via U.S. mail to you ONLY. It is your responsibility to forward the information to your legal counsel or assistance agency. Also, please note that we do not provide background checks for children under the age of 14.”

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